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Tea In The Garden

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3-Month Tea Box Subscription

3-Month Tea Box Subscription

Join our 3-month tea box subscription plan and save $6 per month, less than our one-month plan. Pay once every three months. You will receive your box every month for three months. You'll still get the same quality tea, a tea accessory or tool, a snack to share with your tea partner, a comfort item, and a surprise in every box. The boxes will be shipped around the 20th of each month.

This plan is especially great if you want to give a subscription to someone special and you want them to be gifted for an extended period. The subscription ends after the three- month time period, or you can renew it for three more months. It's up to you. You will always receive the $6-a-month savings, no matter how many times you renew!

Shown is the March box of Rest and Relaxation!

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