These are examples of some things you may find in your monthly subscription boxes. Each month's box will be curated with a specific theme in mind, and will include different items than the months before. Our first (January) box will contain items that can be enjoyed for Valentine's day, but these items aren't so specific that they can't be enjoyed every day. Each box will contain four to five items ~ A generous box of tea, an accessory to go with the tea, a comfort or a pampering item, and a snack or two. Let us surprise you! (Not all items shown will be in all boxes, and not all items we offer, are shown.) Check back often for updates. Our January boxes launched on January 6, 2023, and the launch will be open until January 14, with shipment to start on January 18-20. (Pictured: A variety of teas, Shortbread mix, Cookie Cutter, Cozy Socks, Tea Infuser, Beauty masks, Facial Roller and Gua Sha, and Ginger Lemon Honey spoons). Let us curate a different fun, relaxing, and enjoyable box for you each month.