The first seed of an idea for a tea box was planted quite a few years ago when I had a store in an antiques mall, where I sold teas, herbs, and small vintage items.

I gave it up in 2018 when I was diagnosed with esophageal cancer. Through the months of treatments and surgeries, I was emotionally supported by family and friends and was so comforted by gifts that people sent me, just to let me know they cared. So, an idea was born, but I did not take the leap for a long time.

I am happy to report, my health is fine now. I have since retired from my job and have lots of time to devote to wonderfully curating boxes to please you or anyone on your gift list, whether it be for a birthday, Mother's Day, or just to let someone know you're thinking of them.

I love providing a community, where ladies and also gents can visit, to take a moment from the busyness of life, to just slow down, relax, and enjoy the simplest of pleasures. I hope this website and my Facebook page will provide a welcoming community, not just to buy tea, but also to make new friends.

Come, join us, and share your ideas. I am always looking for suggestions!!

Welcome to Tea In The Garden!

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