When we think of finding joy in the little things of our lives, what do we think of? Of course, the big things always pop up. Our wedding, the birth of our children and with some of us, the birth of our grandchildren. Our children's first steps or cutting teeth.

But how about the little things? These are the things that bring constant joy into our busy, crazy lives. In today's world, life happens so fast, that we forget to slow down and savor the small, important things, that sometimes seem insignificant at the time, but later, bring the best memories.

Rocking my small kids in the evening, in my big comfy rocker comes quickly to mind. Listening to their major problems when they were in elementary school. Memories of them all learning to drive a car. As terrifying as that was (my daughter is soon to find out just how terrifying that actually was, with her oldest), it now brings some laughter when we reminisce about those times.

Bubble baths on a blustery day, face mask in place, teacup in hand. A candle lit dinner at home for two on Valentines day - I could go on and on, but you get the idea.

I cherish the memories of my tea parties with my first two grandsons, now teenagers, when they were little. Everything landed in that teapot, but tea!! And baking cookies with them, I still manage to do that with them, once in a while. This Christmas time, I even got to bake cookies with my other grandson who lives two states away from me. And the other day, I helped tuck him and his baby sister into bed for their naptimes (this all via Facetime. You have to love these modern conveniences). It was really so much fun!

Behold, and enjoy those memories and make new ones every day. Even if it is  just a short walk out into the garden on this late winter day, where we all seem to be having record breaking temperatures, just to see what is peeking out of the ground.

What small joys do you indulge in? Given a quiet moment, you will be able to think of tons of them, I'm sure. 

I think my new philosophy of life is going to be, instead of worrying about the craziness of our world, I'm going to take time finding the joy of the little things of my life. I hope you'll do the same!

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That is how I like to spend the Christmas season, as well. Nothing like enjoying the warm glow of the Christmas tree, while sipping tea!! It is one of my favorite times of the year. Thank you Maureen for commenting! ~Karen at Tea In The Garden


During the busy Christmas season sitting in the Living room, all lights off but the tree, sipping tea from a favourite tea cup, reliving wonderful memories of Christmas gone by. It soothes the soul.

Maureen Reynolds

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